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Accolades are wonderful when it comes to businesses, but businesses are run by people, and people are more than just list of accomplishments. With that in mind, here’s who you’re working with when you hire Natalie:

She moved to the area in 1996 from Danville, California. She comes from many generations of architects, builders, and contractors. She graduated from Cal Poly SLO where she was a scholarship athlete for the NCAA Division I Cal Poly volleyball team. She has a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration, as well as an associate of arts degree from American River College in Interior Design.

She is a mom, a recently retired art docent for the local elementary school, and enjoys writing about philosophy, politics, wine, and the real estate market. She plays her three chords on the keyboard for the church band.

Natalie is a wine enthusiast. She currently holds a Level 2 Certification for wine from the WSET program in London, and is in the works to get to Level 3. She is also a foodie. At any given moment, she has a minimum of five different kinds of cheeses in her refrigerator, and has made it her goal to become friends with all local wine purveyors.

Natalie is a super-duper polite realist. (Sometimes misdiagnosed by optimists, as a pessimist).


Intelligent, Honest, Knowledgeable, Professional, Friendly, Hard-Working, Successful, Diligent…

When you hear the word “Realtor”, what comes to mind? Perhaps some unflattering adjectives, and maybe some positive ones as well.

The last place Natalie ever thought she’d be was in sales. Too often, it seemed to be an industry where people were coerced into serving the sales person’s interests, and she simply is not that way.

Rather than focusing on sales quotas and social clubs, she’s created a successful Real Estate business by providing the best possible service to her clients, one client at a time. As a result, she’s been able to receive several awards based on volume of sales, thanks to referrals alone. There are no arm-twisting or high pressure tactics. Instead, she uses her experience to educate her clients so that they can make the decision that is best for them.

That said, she’s no softie. When it comes time to hunt for properties, negotiate a price, and wrangle documents, she’s as aggressive and tenacious as the best of them.

Real Estate eBroker

Never heard of Real Estate eBroker, Inc.? They are the fastest growing and largest virtual broker in the state of California. Although they are based in Carlsbad, Natalie’s local branch address is right here in Roseville.

As with other Brokers, they provide classes, webinars, industry updates, and excellent customer service. But being more in line with the mode of today’s Agent-Client relationship, RE eBroker, Inc. focuses on being readily accessible when Agents need them, and staying out of the way when they don’t. This frees Agents up to spend time with the people they really work for—you.

As great as RE eBroker Inc. is however, people don’t recommend great Brokers, they recommend great Agents. On that note, Natalie would love to earn your business as a savvy, hard-working professional, serving you with intelligence, integrity and experience. Perhaps a bit of wit, too; but that’s debatable.